Special tools

Karned Tools s.r.o. develops, designs, and manufactures machining tools for the majority of common materials:
  • Metal machining tools
  • Wood and plastic material machining tools
  • Mineral and construction material machining tools
We offer a wide assortment of machining tools with replaceable cutting tips made of hardened alloys, cutting ceramics, PKD, and CBN. We also offer tools with hardened alloy bits soldered to the basic body.
Our tools meet all strict requirements for tool quality, accuracy, and durability. They provide a high utility value thanks to their multiple protective features, which extend their lifecycle. The most critical feature is the high precision plate and clamping system.
VBD clamping types:
  • Clamping screw (S)
  • Clamping lever (P)
  • Wedge with dif. screw (W, F)
  • Clamp (C)