• 1942

    The history of tool production in Děčín begins in 1942, when the production of sintered carbide tools from the Berlin company DE HA WE was transferred to the former button factory.

  • 1948

    In 1946 the company is taken over by the Pilsen-based Škoda company and in 1948 by the company SOMET Teplice for a brief time. In the same year, the company KARNA is established after nationalization.

  • 1958

    The KARNA company is incorporated into the national company Nářadí Praha (Prague Tools) – which later became the world-famous NAREX brand. At all times, the Děčín company maintains its production program of sintered carbide tools for metal, wood and further processing for mines, quarries and construction.

  • 1964

    Production of metalworking tools with replaceable hard metal begins, as well as a wide range of brazed tools for woodworking, mines, quarries and construction.

  • 1989

    After the turning point of 1989, with the change in market conditions, ownership relations change and the company undergoes a series of changes.

  • 1993

    The company changes its name to KARNED a.s. and continues its original production program.

  • 2000

    The company Karned Tools s.r.o. is established, with a decline in tools for construction and mining – quarrying. The company continues to manufacture tools mainly with indexable inserts for metal and wood machining.

  • 2008

    The company Karned Tools s.r.o. finds its bearings – in addition to the production of standard tools – with the production of special tools with VBD for metal and wood machining, including investment in new machines – the HERMLE C40 five-axis machining centre, the WALTER five-axis grinding machine, etc. The production of special tools is also supported by the purchase of a 3D scanner in 2015.

  • 2018

    Majority ownership is passed over to Český strojírenský holding (ČSH), whose strategy is to create a group of engineering companies with a similar production program which will benefit from mutual synergies. Our sister company MF Energy is currently also part of the ČSH group.

  • 2019

    The production of woodworking tools is in decline and the company intends to continue to focus on the production of metalworking tools with indexable inserts, from standard to special tools with applications in a wide range of industries, from the automotive and aerospace industries, through energy, to various transport and heavy engineering industries.